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OpenL is an innovative framework for development of different language configurations. It is not another programming language, but rather a methodology and supporting tools allowing professional programmers to create their own versions of Java-like languages.

OpenL consists of two parts:

bulletLanguage Opener - a generic foundation for that allows software developers to define and implement different programming languages
bulletJava Opener - a ready-to-go implementation of Java known as "openl.j". It extends Java with operator overloading, you may add other new features or limit the existing functionality for the security purposes.

With OpenL You can:


Redistribute Java code between different placeholders making it available to non-programmers


Extract pieces of Java-like code (Java snippets) from traditional source code and incorporate it into XML, Excel, databases, Web programming environments


Define and use Your own subset or superset of Java to be used specifically for Your business or for "programming in the large" such as business rules and workflow management, software configuration


Use the same code to access objects defined in different contexts either it is a Java class or an XML Schema. It becomes a matter of a configuration and does not require changes in the code.

You may look at OpenRules to see how OpenL was used to create a business rules management environment. OpenL can also be used to create workflow management, database management, or other environments that require pieces of Java-like code to be maintained outside traditional Java IDEs.

OpenL comes with a powerful IDE for the management of OpenL projects. It is implemented as Eclipse plugins and takes advantages of this de-facto standard IDE.

We expect more predefined OpenL-based languages will be implemented by the Open Source community. Everybody's participation is welcome!



bullet December 16, 2004 OpenL Release 1.1.1 now works with Eclipse 3.0.
bullet November 5, 2004. A new release 1.1 of OpenL is available for download.
bullet April 19, 2004. A new release of OpenL is available for download.
bullet December 12, 2003. A Business Rules Engine OpenRules has been introduced as the first practical use of the OpenL technology.
bullet September 15, 2003. OpenL has been published at
bullet July 21, 2003. The first public presentation of OpenL at the seminar "Edison Cybernetics" in Edison, NJ


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